Ten interesting Australian history facts

  1. Ned KellyAfter Ned Kelly was hung,  his head was cut off and people took parts as souvenirs. What was left of Ned was buried in a mass grave in the prisoners yard. In 2011 some scientists examined 34  skeletons and they identified Ned Kelly’s headless skeleton.


  1. The oldest convict transported to Australia was more than 60 and the youngest was nine. Over 80 years around 165,000 convicts were sent to Australia.


  1. In 1852, due to the Gold Rush, 370,000 immigrants arrived in Australia, more than have ever arrived in Australia’s history in one year. Victoria alone increased their population from 77,000 to 540,000 in two years.


  1. Men that worked the gold fields always had to have their licenses on them. Women were exempt from that, so many miners dressed as women.


  1. In 1902 you weren’t allowed to swim in daylight hours. William Gocher  a local at Manly and a controversial man that had run for political office a number of times announced he was going to swim in the day from Manly Beach. He taunted the police when he swam three times and was not arrested. William is noted as the main reason why Manly changed their laws the next year to allow daytime bathing.


  1. Once the beaches were opened up to daytime swimming in 1903, the problem was having a population that had never swum before. Bondi surf club is noted as the first lifesaving club in 1907.


  1.  When the Sydney Harbour Bridge opened in 1932 it cost one penny per head for sheep and pigs to cross the bridge and in April that year six elephants crossed for two pence a piece.


  1. AFL was created in the 1850’s for cricketers to keep fit in the off season.


  1. In 1919, one million skins were harvested from Koala’s over a six month period. Koala hunting seasons were held up to 1927; although this hunting was banned in 1906. Millions of Koala skins were exported over these years.


  1. Phar lap won 37 out of 51 races. His heart was legendary for weighing 6.35 kg (the average horse heart is 4kg), but when they traced Phar laps blood line back to an English horse named Eclipse. In 1789 Eclipse had his heart weigh in at 6.35kg too.

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