Convict Female factories

Over the Christmas holidays I have been engrossed in a novel called the “Potato Factory” by Bryce Courtney. The amount of detail and history has been fascinating. It covers the conditions in London, convict transportation to Australia and life for convicts in Tasmania in the early 19th century. An interesting … Continue reading

Tasmanian Births, Deaths and Marriages from 1803 to 1899


I have been amazed at the ease of my search for any Tasmanian records through their Names Index. At first, I thought I was being fooled by slick web pages and wondrous search filters. But I have kept on digging and have kept coming up happy. Obviously any digitalisation of … Continue reading

Stolen generation going home

Aboriginal heritage

The Stolen Generation was not only stolen from their mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters but from their extended family, their indigenous language, their culture, their right to land, and their identity. Many white Australians are able to easily access their family history but indigenous Australians removed from their families can … Continue reading