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Parish records date back to 1538

Before civil registration, records were held in the parish of our ancestors, or the church that was in charge of their neighbourhood/ village/ hamlet. The records were created by the clergy and the parish officers who were responsible for looking after the parish. It become compulsory to keep records from …

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Fleet street marriage

In today’s world we all expect  vital records like births, deaths and marriages to be there. However marriages today are not how they always were. In the beginning, marriages were public commitments to a person and upheld more by the community knowing a couple was together. However the ability to …

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Ten interesting things about census in Australia

When doing genealogy, a census is a great wealth of information. However in Australia, our census hasn’t provided us with the wealth of information that other countries have. It was really a task in counting off convicts initially and making sure there was enough rations.  Then there is the fact …

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Mormons at the forefront of genealogy

Familysearch.org website is one of the most used websites in genealogy. This is a big achievement, as I don’t see them put out big advertising campaigns like Ancestry and Findmypast. Familysearch website doesn’t have the slick lines and the shaky leaf syndrome. It also doesn’t have the price tag. It’s …

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