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Nicol Warren  Family Historian

Nicol Warren
Family Historian

Family Ancestry Detective was born through my love of writing and doing my own family history. I have spent countless hours doing research to find relatives lost in history. Like many others I have truly become hooked on genealogy. I have always enjoyed history and studied some history subjects in my Arts degree at university. After I finished my Bachelor degree I went on to study journalism in a graduate degree at QUT. My passion for history was re ignited when I travelled overseas for a year with my husband. The expression “Do you know what we are looking at? This place is amazing because …” was said by me so many times when we travelled. I did a weekly email home for a whole year when we travelled and took my family and friends not only on amazing travel trips but history lessons too. We travelled to over 20 countries and spent an amazing 6 months living in London. When we came home and started our own business, I continued using my writing skills in our marketing. But then I found genealogy after my first child was born. The other thing I also found was a huge community of people all connected and sharing with each other. I love what genealogy does for me, inspires me to share and connects me to people. I hope that you get to indulge in your passion for genealogy and enjoy researching your family history through what you find on my website.


Nicol Warren



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  1. Jennifer Joy Warren

    I am amazed at how you have already unraveled so much of my family history after I located just one wedding certificate! And so interesting to look at photos you have managed to find for me and marvel at how my children look so much like their ancestors! Thank you so much for the work you are doing for me Nicol!